We offer the following machines for grain and seed sorting of german manufakturer PETKUS:

The PETKUS Indented Cylinder ZA, ZK / ZL are used for sorting and separating grain, seed, fine and vegetable seeds, and similar agricultural, granular and free flowing products. The product is separated by its length. The Intented Cylinder ZA, ZK / ZL are available in four different sizes and performance categories between 3 and 12 t/h (based on wheat with 3% impurities). Based on the optimum adjustment of diameter, length and speed of the cylinders, as well as the flow rate, the trieurs achieve a maximum quality of product separation.

PETKUS Indented Cylinders ZR are used in mills for the sorting of rice by length. Designs for other crops are available upon request. The ZR is available in two different sizes and performance categories.

Gravity Separators PETKUS separate according to specific weights. These machines allow seed or consumer goods that have been infected with mycotoxins, insect damage or broken grains as well as impurities to be cleaned and removed.

The PETKUS De-Awner is a special machine that gently removes awns, husks, clippings or beards, dissipates clumps and polishes seed. It is a robust and wear-resistant construction. The rotating pin shafts works at variable speed, the process intensity is thereby regulated by adjusting the speed and the flow rate.

PETKUS Process Machines Type SM allow for the coarse and pre-cleaning of dry, granular and free flowing products for the use in industrial grain processing companies. They are available in different models, with capacities ranging from 35t/h to 120 t/h and screening surfaces from 3.1m² to 10.45 m². Machines with four screen layers have two top screens and two bottom screens working parallel. The product is divided equally at the infeed and in connection with the extensive setting options for the height of stroke; the angle of throw and the screen inclination the cleaning performance is very high.

When raw material is delivered to the storage facilities in a damp or soiled condition then cleaning is essential in order to prepare the product for further processing and storage. PETKUS Rotary Drum Cleaners separate foreign particles or coarse impurities from fine and coarse-grained products thoroughly and reliably.

PETKUS Calibrating Systems provide for a precise sorting of the required calibers and are variable with regard to the number of calibers whereby up to five different calibers can be sorted in one screening. PETKUS offers a wide and variable range of different hole sizes for slotted and round-hole screens. 

The ROEBER OptoSelector OS 900 achieves the highest separating results. Perfect precision is achieved by means of RGB-color cameras and an additional shape recognition technology in a unique high-performance platform.

Energy-efficient LED-lighting with an even light distribution, and an innovative opto-electronic system, combined with user-friendly software and a large touch screen allow a unique sorting quality and simple handling.

Seed and commodity usage such as: Grain, corn, fine seed, pulses, oilseeds, grass seeds, cotton seeds, lentils, beans, coffee beans, peanuts, hazelnuts, almonds in the food industry, separation of impurities, fungal infestation, and impurities of metal, plastic, rubber, wood, and minerals.